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>> hello, everybody. >> welcome, everybody. >> welcome to sunday and hurricane irene steve yeah. it is a big, big day with a big, big storm. 500 miles across and believe it or not, they say that this particular storm is impacting one in five americans. 65 million people impacted by hurricane irene. >> dave: it's a big day. be with you four hours and shep takes back over. very latest. the center of the storm is pounding maryland all the way up the jersey shore. new york city. this is ocean city maryland. it is still a category 1 storm. this thing is bringing it. >> juliet: while you were sleeping irene slammed north carolina, delaware, maryland and virginia. already nine people confirmed dead. including two children. this is why we say this is not something to laugh at. category 1 doesn't mean that some, you know, fliewfy storm. most of those far tattles is from falling tree limbs. which is why everybody is saying stay put. >> 11-year-old boy in virginia was killed by a falling tree limb in his apartment. meanwhile, more than 2 million houses at this hour left without power. iren
. but it gets three, four feet deep, in big trouble. >> as you pointed out, steve, this already being an already wet season we've broken the all-time wettest month here in new york city with some saying more than ten inches still to come in the next 24 hours, we've already broken the wettest month here in new york city. 16.85 inches, so, it's going to shatter the all-time wettest month here in new york city. >> you saw the pictures from virginia. elizabeth has been in virginia beach covering the hurricane. elizabeth, we're starting to see daylight out there. not looking too bad. >> a pretty day. >> you look lovely. >> thank you. >> that's the update there. >> i know you guys have a long road ahead of you. look behind me, auf long day of wind and rain what we're seeing now is what you will eventually see and i have good news, when we first started this morning, winds were about 50 miles per hour and they have he' dropped to 29 miles per hour, an indicator that hurricane irene is moving and look at the stand behind me, we saw 24 foot waves at the peak of the storm and the water was all the way up
of the house of delegates of the american bar association, where it first met steve. this is a series of programs underwritten by the charles gesky family, which examines the constitution in the 21st century. this examines the balance between safety, security, and public order, and the protection of civil liberties and the integrity of the constitution on the other. tonight program will focus on threats to our american justice system caused by under-funding and indecisiveness. i would like to mention that the question answer portion of the program will be moderated by a professor geoffrey hazard, a distinguished professor of law at uc hastings. the professor is a leading expert in the field of civil procedure of legal ethics and is good at asking questions. it is my pleasure to introduce our very special guest, stephen zack, president of the american bar association. with nearly 400,000 members, it is the largest volunteer professional membership organization in the world. mr. zack is the first hispanic american to serve as the president and the second to be born abroad. he was only 1
that up in newport. beat buddy marucci there. and then the epic 5 down in the morning 18 on steve scott in pumpkin ridge, his most dramatic of all the comebacks. the first ever to win three straight u.s. amateur titles. tiger woods. and out at the 14th, cantlay is away. kraft is perfectly positioned. we saw cantlay kind of nudge up against the fescue over there, roger. >> yes, the ball is in the fescue, dan. but not heavy fescue. it's sitting down slightly, though, which i think will affect the trajectory. he has 249 left to the hole, 228 to the front. >> second shot that does play slightly back uphill. >> you do have side boards to the left of the hole and a backboard behind the ball -- or behind the hole. i'm just thinking this is something that's going to come in lower and a little hotter. may have to chase it back up on to that level if he can. >> guys have played so much golf even before the long week at the u.s. amateur. cantlay's summer starts all the way back even before the ncaas, steve, but he was second at the ncaas, tied for 12st at the u.s. open. then he shoots the 60 in th
's most important ceos is stepping down. apple's steve jobs says he can no longer meet his duties as ceo. the 56-year-old jobs has been long battling cancer. he's been on medical leave since january. he will stay on as chairman of the board. the company's new ceo will be tim cook, promoted from chief operating officer at apple. the move took a bite out of apple's shares. the stock tumbled on thursday but came back. the world's most famous investor taking a big stake in a beleaguered bank. warren buffett investing on bank of america. on very important terms for berkshire hathaway. shares of the company jumped on the news. the big meeting in jackson hole, how does the economy shape up for the rest of the year. joining me is jack ablin. jack, good to have you on the program. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, maria. >> so, the markets have been watching and waiting to see what ben bernanke would say and do at this summit in jackson hole, wyoming. what is your reaction to the speech? >> well, i think it was pretty much big swing and a miss for the market. we had a big buildup earli
and a sheer joy in his work. in our world that man is steve jobs. steve jobs dropped out of college. he's an orphan. the guy just came out of nowhere just like howard roark. think what he accomplished. simply because he loves it. he's obsessed with this stuff. this toy is fun to play with. i can't assume to paint a. when he founded apple computer he completely transform the computer industry from a command-and-control mainframe model to individual empowerment desktop model. he made that happen. a few years later he bought an obscure little digital rendering company on fire so when george lucas did to get rid of it called pixar. he had this idea that this could be used to great full-length animated movies. he thought that would be pretty cool. he would like to see a movie like that actually found this guy named john lasseter and to work together on a move that would eventually be called boy story. is that somebody is years on and so much of steve jobs money, he came here to personal bankruptcy fun epic they almost discontinued toys door at the last day. he did a military path and did dea
. steve handelsman shows us the big storm spared the east coast from the devastation many had feared. >> reporter: start the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full-fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england. many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia. and some rivers are still reported rising. now many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's damage. this man in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage. they said there were power outages, but i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you've got to have a re-entry pass. >> reporter: with power out to more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds expect
an hour. [applause] >> thank you. much, steve. i am a great love for this wonderful institution at the national constitution center. i also want to remind you we have an exhibit upstairs and prosperity hall between diners hall and the main exhibit area on link and then i hope you're okay to take a look at some time in the coming weeks. it is obligatory for persons again in this chair to praise the author and to praise his book. unethically, i think anyone who agrees to perform my role as intraocular hefty genuinely believe that on the other occasions in which i done that, i've done this. but this really is an occasion in which i want to go a little bit over the top because they do think adam is a very special is your hand and this is a very, very national book. as he described adam's career, he really has been at a remarkably early age, a very important public intellectual, speaking to a wide audience about a wide variety of subjects, i think since he graduated from harvard not that long ago. and now, he is undertaken -- it's hard to believe -- by the way, either really ratty co
my time and attention is on the failure of the president. >> chris: it is time for our croup. steve hays and mara liasson and dana perino and juan williams. and steve, we have had other candidates surge to the lead briefly. there was 14 hours when donald trump was the front runner for the nomination. what do you make of rick perry's surge and does he have at ing power . >> it is fascinating because he has at ing power. donald trump shared his opinions and on talk shows, but captured the interest of republican vores who are looking for machine to take on president obama in an aggressive way. but unlike donald trump rick perry has a record and governor for 10 years and a world view that is more coherent than donald trump and i think he will likely have a lot of money so this is a guy with a fair amount of staying power. >> chris: mitt romney up to the point has been able to lead the race without engaging the candidates and sometimes by double digits and now perry king a clear lead does romney have to change that and go after perry. >> yes, i think he has to. keep your focus on preside
people in just this kind of situation. joining me on the phone is steve, a spokesperson for the red cross. steve, good to have you with us. >> nice being here, thank you. >> martha: steve, what do people need from you folks the most? >> right now, they need sheltering and feed going the things we are doing right now. we have 30 shelters open on long island. we are feeding those people. the next couple of days we will be opening feeding centers for people who don't have power. apparently that will be a large problem. >> martha: how many would you say you have in the shelters right now? >> right now we have 4,000. 4,000 of your favorite friends sleeping next to you. >> martha: how many people evacuated and came to the shelters as you would expect and help they would do? how many may still be stuck in their homes without food and power? >> i'm still in my hotel room. i can only tell you that i have spoken to people all over the island. there are a lot of people on long beach which is right on the water, who are stuck in their homes. >> martha: we are looking at pictures of that area now stev
] as you know steve jobs has resigned from the head of apple where are going to drive the new crime on the s. just for starters see is still chairman of the board >> he stepped down as ceo >> so operationally why he will come in for the occasional meeting right? >> chemical can that has been the no. 2 guy with has stepped in to run the country every time steve has gotten sick and has been running the company on a day-to-day basis >> he is a logistics' guy is a need? >> certainly since generally since steve took his last medical leave is a rule by a investment community and of the world people have out high level sense of confidence but he will be able to do the job >> there has been a lot of business aspect concerning the work the idea that steve jobs that actually sat down he must be really really week, and it is a tragedy because he has a family what do we know? >> he is married and has children he is very private about his personal life he lives in palo alto you will see him in palo alto they will see him in the restaurants are walking around town >> for a guy that has that much
information on the phone is steve coleman from the port authority of new york. good morning. the point being can you give us an update on the holland tunnel which we understood recently was partially shut down? >> sure. we have the north tube of the holland tunnel currently shut down. that's the tube that goes from new york to new jersey. we still that have south tube which goes from new jersey to new york open. we're strongly advising anyone to go to the holland tunnel to die stroert the lincoln tunnel which is still fully opened. >> i was not aware it broke down that way. north tunnel is new york to new jersey which means that's all shut off. no way to incorporate two way traffic at all. i know sometimes you can do that. you can split up lanes with cones and the like but that's not plan right now with the port authority? >> that's not the plan. rather have people use the lincoln tunnel. lincoln tunnel is open and gives people safe passage from new york into new jersey. >> steve, can you tell me to what you can attribute this flooding. i'll tell you, when you go in these tunnels you know yo
was up proxy war. pa >> armistice was signed in 1953 and created the steve demilitarized zone. >> it is a unique ecology. no one can enter. and i want to focus on not only the ecology, but the process of the ecological transformation .erry an >> this area was absolutely parent because of all the fighting that went on there. when we talk about the ecological area of the dmz, is also the ecological area of the province, it started from nothing, right? in 1953. it is in process. >> so the ecological developments over the past almost 60 years is something of and for someone who was interested in ecology as you are, education as you are, a geography as you are, it is kind of agreement. >> i want to rename the intoitarized zone [inaudible] . geo park is a nature program. it is a complex of geography, geology, human rights, and culture. >> the idea is it for it to park. adagio para geo that would be a huge area of land, would it not be? >> geo park is not a general park. it combines with areas to your south. it is a much broader site then people think. >> after our conversation, prof
't even holding on a little bit. it's good to see. >> maybe five mile per hour winds. allison and steve, before i go i want to give you some advice. >> yes? >> if you ever go to one of the sporting goods stores and they tell you you're looking for weather clothes, something to protect you from the elements and they say it will protect you in a hurricane? >> yes. >> my advice is don't take that advice because nothing will protect you in a hurricane. i've been soaking wet since 6:00 yesterday morning. so i'm not sure anything will actually protect you from 75- mile per hour winds and driving rain. >> it's been almost 36 hours you've been there. best and worst experiences you've had? >> best experience working with my crew. they've been fantastic. everybody here, the emergency officials worked with us, of course being in the form store me as a meterologist just fascinating. it was really an incredible experience so all that was great. probably the worst experience, the lack of sleep. i've only had about two hours sleep in two days so i'm getting a little tired. you can probably hear it in
. they've evacuated and let's check in now live and see what's going on down there. >> steve handelsman in times square. that is the big concern right now, the floogtsds thding that occur in lower manhattan. >> i think it's less of a concern now. the storm surge is going down, the high tide is receding, the storm has moved to the east of the city and then across long island, headed to connecticut where it's causing many more problems than it did here in new york city proper. times square is back to normal. full of tourists. and a funaitive new yorkers, this being new york are walking around xwrousing a mini storm of protest. why did we have to leave. when is the subway going to start back up. when can we get moving, go home. the answer won't come for about an hour and a half when mike bloomberg, the mayor of new york, briefs and will announce and we're told that it won't be right away, a resumption of public transit here in new york. because of the tremendous volume of rain that they got here and because of some coastal flooding that occurred from a not as serious as feared storm surge,
's hard not to think about steve jobs. i think this happened in the valley for a long time. >> absolutely. >> it's very hard to know what the longer term implications will be. just to look at your industry, apple was not big in games and yet, they themselves have revolutionized the games industry. >> no doubt. i mean, what i think they've done, rich, they've dee mock rah advertised gaming. we looked at angry birds. if you can do that with your index finger, you're a gamer. previously you need the ability. j.p. remembers this. buttons and triggers and analog sticks. now it's simply the swipe of a finger makes you a gamer. what apple has done with the iphone and ipad is put gaming machines in the hands, if you will, of the proletariat. you don't need a dedicated game to have hundreds of games at your disposal. i was on a flight to europe last week and looking in the cab inwatching people play angry birds, play zombies on their ipad. you can play these off line, boggle on my ipad. to your point, what apple has done just recently, though, because they -- it wasn't part of the strategy on the
have been working on. -- steve fiftpanelly. >> cheap plumbing inspector. good morning, commissioners. one of the things we are working on that i told you about last month was the boiler permit to operate to be done on line. after all the testing -- we have testing done last month. we have three different contractors that came in to do a lot of the certifications throughout san francisco, and they did a dry run, and we put it into production for them to test it. since then we have added three or four more contractors to the databases to see if there were any more problems with the system. we have had positive feedback, and by the end of the month we will be able to launch and put it out to the public for use. that is where we're at at this point. >> item 6g, update on new hires. >> since the beginning of the year we have had 13 new hires, which are actually holdovers from last year that were in last year's budget, but they will be starting at the end of this month. there will be 13, six of which are clerks. some will be assigned to the fifth floor to take the place of the people bette
and joe. >> steve, are you out there alone? >> eun, it looks pretty quiet, doesn't it? that's part of the story. good morning from new york city. the rain is coming down pretty hard. it's going to get a lot higher with the hurricane reported two hours ago. the wind will get stronger. gusts 60 to 90 miles per hour. it was made before the hurricane backed off a little. it's why it's eerie. that's the hurricane plan. the government of new york, led by mikor mike bloomberg, have taken unnecessary stands to get people out of the city, number one and have them stay home, number two, and it's working. we'll talk about storm aoe sraeubg evacuations. that reduces people's motivation to leave new york government wants people out of the streets so they don't get hurt. and in time square is this empty, you've got to think their plan is working so far. eun and joe. >> you're standing right in front of the sign where a lot of folks line up for half price tickets to broadway shows. broadway is dark at this hour of the show. but it's been dark most of the records, right? any idea when they will tu
't confirm that and let's go to steve live from tripoli. >> right now ministers in the transitional government say they will not turn over al-megrahi for extradition and the justice says he was judged once and set free and he will not be set abroad be to be judged a second time. in the meantime, the hunt for kourn gaddafi tibs with no more clues on his possible whereabouts and a lot of speculation, that gaddafi is headed to his oem city and right now, rebels are gathering for a possible last battle with gaddafi forces and most of the rebel fighters about 100 miles outside of that city, waiting for n.a.t.o. war planes to do the work, and knocking out any possible scud missile launchers that they have. and in the the meantime, the celebration gunfire continues for another night in the capital of tripoli and the rebel government has its work cut out for it, the and shortages of electricity, water, fuel, gasoline about $20 a gallon here and as far as the situation goes with the police, that could be a real concern, no police force in effect here, just a lot of young men with guns and ma
! >> reporter: as water from irene pushed over long island, steve tried desperately to push it back. you have how many people working just this one building? >> we have three people here right now. we have another three people at other properties. we have probably 15 people all together working tonight. >> reporter: the only thing separating the property he manages from a wall of irene-driven water is a sand dune that's holding for now. could you feel like you might be fighting a losing battle here? >> well, this is the reason why we're setting up these pumps now. we're trying to stay ahead of everything. so i have another building i need to go to similar to this building, where we'll set up another pump and try tow stay basically ahead of it. >> reporter: but in low-lying communities like long beach, staying ahead of the water has been a losing battle. floodwaters spilled over the beach here and poured down street after street while irene's strong winds littered neighborhoods with debris. with a mandatory evacuation order in place, the normally bustling summer getaway town was a ghost town w
, but we do have some activity. you do have officials try to help you out. >> steve: we are watching local coverage. we had tips there might be a problem with this dam. i tell you the governor of the state of new york tour this had dam and did an inspection earlier today. their reporter is on the line with us, middleberg new york. what do you know about this situation that has some people believe there may have been a real problem with this dam. >> hi, there. i'm with the family. we are all a road here which is flooded on the north end and south end. we are stuck but middleberg has been evacuated where i am. we heard the gilboa dam sirens going off just about an hour ago and people have been trained. they hear that sound and it's scary for them. however, we are -- we understand that the dam has not been compromised at this point. that was precautionary measure because they lost contract with the folks over at the dam that are monitoring the situation. obviously we have been pummeled the rain has gone on for hours. like i said, i'm here with some families, residents here on the road in midd
to steve ruden. >> 67 at waldorf. look at the rainfall. 46 mile per hour wind gusts. winds beginning to settle down a little bit. that is some good news on the way in terms of the progress for the storm. but still a lot of rain to go. adam caskey is going to be here and a few minutes. doug will be here for a little bit longer. the heavier rain to the west of the region, southern maryland looking at heavier rain. we head towards gaithersburg and frederic and martinsburg, the rain not as much of a problem. not the 8 inches of rain we have seen from the storm over the last 24 hours. now beginning to move off towards the north and northeast around 15 miles per hour. the heavier rain bands will move into the d.c. metro area as we move to the overnight hours. everything will clear out as we move into the early morning and mid morning hours. if by tomorrow afternoon, a little bit of sunshine expected in our forecast. in terms of rainfall totals, anywhere between four-8 inches not out of the question for arlington or the district and st. mary's county, calvert county, the delmarva peninsula
not want to lose you. you are a rock star now. >> absolutely. tucker barnes, steve williams, stay safe now. brian, back upstairs to you. >> back out to d.c. where matt ackland is standing by with new video. you are getting the sense and, matt, you probably agree, that the storm is finally becoming the real deal around here. i know you have a dramatic example of that? >> you are right. like sue was saying, we are starting to get into the heavy waned, strong wind ant rain is coming down. i noticed it since i just talked to chief ellerbie about 15 to 20 minutes ago. for the last couple of days, officials here in d.c. have told me that the big concern that they are having when this storm comes through, with the storm coming through is trees falling. we have some video to show you. not too far away from our station here in northwest on jennifer street, 3800 block of jennifer street. basically, a big tree fell on to a car. a couple told us that they headed out earlier today. they looked at the car and thought, maybe we should move it. they decided not to move it and took the other car on an erra
. used to be a stone's throw to atlantic city new jersey but no longer. we spoke earl year to steve ang, the captain of the ocean city new jersey police department with about what they expect? >> at some point in time we may have to pull all of our emergency personnel off the island. at that point in time if you are left here you are going to have a problem you are on your own. >> the tide we are really worried about is at 8:00 tomorrow morning. the eye of the storm should be right voter stop of us and we expect to see severe flooding, maybe flooding that we have never seen before on the island. >> give me an idea how extensive. >> millions and millions of dollars. they don't throw the money around to come backing and rebuild the beaches. every three years we do a replenishment program. a major process and funding from the federal government and state government and the city. >> so, geraldo, those berms protecting ocean city, new jersey, they are hoping that they hold up. they are protecting the island right now but if they wash away, there is millions of millions of dollars that went i
and their treatment. that's for later on though. >> steve adler, editor-in-chief of reuters. we do invest heavily in investigative journalism. >> how do you spell that? >> r-e-u-t-e-r-s. if we had four people active in social media, would this sound different? some of what is going on involves a major change in the way that information is being shared, disseminated, and thought about in the world today. some of the established viewpoints about how we did this response police probably not what is in the air now. i wonder if you could just comment on how our should be thinking about this. >> you are closer to that. it links up nicely with jeff's point about even president obama, who has been an avatar of transparency, once he has the mantle of commander in chief, you have to play his role and tighten up in ways that you can understand. he has a big burden on his shoulders to protect us. that is why he resolves things in a different way. congress does not have the responsibility as much as a singular person and then down the spectrum, you have 25-year- old people that are the least responsible in th
viss asuccess european allies. guest: steve in hartford, connecticut, good morning. caller: good morning. wouldn't it be true that the best use of resources for nato's military spendingould be to get us off the use of oil , because every dollar we spend on oil eventually gets recycled to midst countries and used for weapons and terrorism. guest: that's a sail weren't int. part -- that's a sail can't point. if you think about this from a european perspective, the natural gas, the oil that comes from libya, it doesn't come to u.s. markets. itomes to european markets so. this was a more significant factor if you are a european thinking about the future of your economy and your ergy needs. efforts to push greater energy diversity, energy efficiency, there are certain ways to decrease dependency on the region, and i think that's a critical part of the sategy going forward. >> robert gates, in one of his last speeches, made news talking in brussels about coerns over europe's defense capabilities. here's a short piece from that, and then we'll be back with our guest. >> if current trend
's more disconcerting is the amount americans spend viss asuccess european allies. guest: steve in hartford, connecticut, good morning. caller: good morning. wouldn't it be true that the best use of resources for nato's military spending would be to get us off the use of oil , because every dollar we spend on oil eventually gets recycled to mideast countries and used for weapons and terrorism. guest: that's a sail weren't point. part -- that's a sail can't point. if you think about this from a european perspective, the natural gas, the oil that comes from libya, it doesn't come to u.s. markets. it comes to european markets so. this was a more significant factor if you are a european thinking about the future of your economy and your energy needs. efforts to push greater energy diversity, energy efficiency, there are certain ways to decrease dependency on the region, and i think that's a critical part of the strategy going forward. >> robert gates, in one of his last speeches, made news talking in brussels about concerns over europe's defense capabilities. here's a short piece fr
. and i wanted to take a minute to say that i think that we have just seen steve jobs step down. he was the only person i have ever known who has been able to merge the two worlds completely with an artist's eye as well as the definition of what a great engineer is. i'm sure that he and the company will do very well in the future. from my perspective, that is the perfect example of the kind of union that we should see in the future and other companies and other collaborations. from my perspective, again, this is the first time that the lecture has been given by someone not employed by television broadcasting or production. i am not sure whether it means the bar has been raised or lowered, but i will do my best. it is an honor to be here as an outsider. james murdoch described himself as the crazy relative everyone is embarrassed about. i guess i wonder what he would say now. [laughter] [applause] if james is the family outcast, i am not sure what that makes me. am i did speak in the corner. am i the alien species? am i the android? don't worry. charles allen called this the longest
is now bearing down on new york city. 11 news reporter steve handelsman has the latest from times square. a look at some of the tree damage across the city, sent in from a u-local member... a look at some of the tree damage across the city, sent in from a u-local member... switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. pnc virtual wallet now comes with spending zone. it organizes all your spending, including your pnc debit card, credit card, and your bills. so you can view them by category... or by month. you can set a budget... and it'll even alert you when you're getting close to the amount you've set -- and when you've gone over. spending zone is built to help you keep better track of your spending. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pncvirtualwallet.com. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
are in harford county. [a9]david mw as the storm intensified in ocean city,our photograher steve adams shows us how bad the winds got. as the storm intensified in more than 395-thousand b-g-e customers are in the dark this morning. the majority of outages are in baltimore county, where more than 112.-thousand customers are without power. in anne arundel county, power to some 103-thousand customers needs to be restored. 69- thousand customers are out in the city... and 36-thousand are in harford county. [a9]david mw even though hurricane irene is moving out of our area, several state bridges will remain close. the maryland transportation authority closed the chesapeake bay bridge late yesterday evening. officials say the bridge will remain closed until conditions are deemed safe for vehicles. four additional bridges..including the nice memorial bridge and the key bridge are currently operating under a wind warning. from baltimore county emergency management: just after 3:30 this morning, rescue crews responded to a home in the 86-hundred block of keller avenue for a tree that crashed through the
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